Ui-list for Dashboard 2?

I am looking at moving my app from Dashboard 1 to Dashboard 2.

I am using quite a few instances of ui-list in combination with collector nodes for the menu system I have now.

Does anyone know whether a Dashboard v2 version of ui-list is available or in the works?


ui-list is renamed to ui-dropdown at dashboard 2

Edited: misinformation

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Many thanks for replying :+1:

I doubt the node was automatically ported and renamed, it wasn't a core node in Dashboard 1. Looking at the ui-dropdown node in Dashboard 2, it looks like an equivalent of the ui-dropdown core node in Dashboard 1. Both work differently than ui-list from what I can gather from the properties.

We are talking about node-red-node-ui-list (node) - Node-RED

My bad for misleading you. Just a weekend brain freeze


It probably the most commonly requested node I've seen outside of our code widgets already provided. I've not seen anyone actively developing it as a third party widget yet though, and I've not currently got this on my immediate/urgent todo list for Dashboard 2.0 core.

Glad to hear I am not the only one asking.

Looking a bit closer into this now, the maintainers of "node-red-ui-list" are listed as @dceejay, "hiroyasu_nishiyama" and @knolleary, not exactly unknown in the NR world :slight_smile:

Guys, would you mind letting us know whether you have any plans regarding a Dashboard V2 version of node-red-ui-list please?

It was mostly all Nishiyama-san’s work. Only had Nick and I on it as we own the main repo it is part of. So no plans on my side. And I know Nick is somewhat busy with core v4, Flowfuse, etc. If someone wants to create/propose a v2 please go ahead.

Thanks for clarifying.

Let's hope someone more capable than I am can pick it up...

@joepavitt If it is such a commonly requested widget, would it be worth adding to Dashboard V2 at some point? Happy to raise a request if this helps, let me know...

Almost certainly - Vuetify has also just released the Treeview widget, which is also one that comes up a lot, toying with the idea of tying them together into a single widget


Treeview certainly looks neat, maybe a bit hungry in terms of screen real estate?

I don't know how dashboard v2 behaves in terms of layout yet, but with V1, I got into the habit of avoiding using expanding widgets that would push other widgets as much as possible. I run my app on a tablet, so things can quickly get messy. The pop up menus in ui-list are ideal in this respect, as well as being very "tap friendly".

For now, I am approaching the topic from the perspective of migration (thanks for the migration guide by the way!), so I am more worried about one to one functionality to try and keep rewrites to a minimum.

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Thanks for the extra context @Mrb32

FYI - the Treeview from Vuetify's Labs components is now included as part of the base build for Dashbaord 2.0 - still needs to be used inside a ui-template, but it is available: Release v1.8.0 · FlowFuse/node-red-dashboard · GitHub

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