Looking for tips, NR control kiosk - open webpage

Looking for advise how to start.
Trying to find examples on command line control of a kiosk browser did not solve my challenge.

What i want to achieve is the following.
I receive a changing url with mqtt.
This url needs to be openend full screen
When is receive a new url that one needs to be openend full screen again

Any one an idea how to start this?
Also thought about an iframe in a html page but i think i can be done more nice, can i?

Thanks for help

Have a look at this -

@smcgann99 thanks! but does that work on a raspberry with mqtt?
Maybe i was not clear with that.
But anyway a solution, going to check it out! thanks!

Search the forum for kiosk. Over 50 threads on this subject. Might be some clues.

Thanks. Enough to find about kiosks. And i have that running no problem.
The problem is a variable url of the kiosk.
Idea is to run a kiosk on a pi with NR. When the new url is received from mqtt i need to change the url that the kiosk is showing. And that part i cannot find in those google results

Do you know how to setup an MQTT in node to receive a message?

Try Fully kiosk browser, you can change the default url with the help of the rest api and it's full screen.

Yeah no problem. Only problem is how to connect to a browser

So all you need to do is feed the message from your MQTT node to your NR flow that does the Kiosk

I feel there we are not understanding something about your requirements or you haven't actually got a kiosk working with NR

Sorry if i am not clear.
I have kiosk mode running, it opens full screen node red.
i use the LXDE-pi/autostart with the line below

@/usr/bin/chromium-browser --incognito --start-maximized --kiosk

But i want to change from node red to another page like https://www.google.com for example
This url comes from mqtt
Is that possible to do from command line?

Try running your kiosk from Node-RED using the exec node instead of the autostart location

As Steve says - a forum search should help you find some useful information :slight_smile:

Once you've got that running then, it is very easy to change to another webpage

So it should be possible to control kiosk from command line, clear
Then i go on searching :wink:

Found this page before

but that works from cli on the pi itself, but from the exec node i get errors and cannot open pages

You may be able to get close with node-red-node-ui-iframe (node) - Node-RED. Not all web sites allow themselves to be included in i frames so it won’t work or all sites. Problem is if you link fully to another site then your flow would no longer have control unless the user swaps back

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I also tried the Dashboard +link, but the url is not dynamic with that function.

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