OpenKiosk as an HMI client

Just sharing this as I see this software has not been mentioned yet on the forums.


OpenKiosk is a cross platform kiosk web browser based on Mozilla Firefox that can be easily installed and used to secure a computer for use as a public terminal. This is a complete solution for any kiosk installation. This software is released under the MPL "as is" with no warranty or support.

OpenKiosk is currently deployed in schools, universities, libraries, hospitals, airports, hotels, governments, and businesses across the globe.

I've got an HTML interface for controlling a machine and need it to be the only thing available on that device. Originally I was looking at packaging with electron / electron-forge ( but then I realized it would just be easier to use a browser that already has the user-sandboxing built in. Sure enough, a search for "free kiosk software" returned lots of options and this one is working very well for me. Just don't get locked out of the admin interface! ----hint with that: don't de-whitelist the entry as it has the FAQ and some controls that can get it back, also, console is Shift-F12

Thoughts? Comments? Anyone done something similar?

I am using Microsoft edge browser in a windows machine with kiosk setup. working fine so far. need to check the link you have sent

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