Keyboard (HID) Keystroke Input emulation


I am trying to set up a remote Pi with Chromium in Kiosk mode. So far, so good. Now I need to get the option to reload the Chromium Page by user input, which will be a couple of meters away, but on a different device which will cause a MQTT message to be sent to the Pi.

As far as Chromium needs a plain "Ctrl + R" input, I need a bridge from Node-RED (which is connected - of course - to the MQTT broker) to the HID Input of the Pi.
I tried a couple of different solutions that I found and think, I would be happy with "xdotool", but I don't get the config running as secure as I like:

  1. If I let chromium login with user "root", I can trigger the input > yeah! But the Pi is logged in as root, which is not very good...

  2. If I run chromium as "dietpi" (the distribution), I get this message

Authorization required, but no authorization protocol specified

Is anybody experienced with these kind of issues?
It must be a simple trick, but I don't get it running...

As usual: thanks for your help!

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