How to send a command like a real keyboard


i searched the whole day in the web, but i cannot find what i need.

could someone tell me how a commad (Raspberry pi with Rasbian) has to be that it simulate a real keybord input?

In my case i created a display with a raspberry which shows all time my google calender. Now i want to use some keyboard shortcuts for my web calender which runs in Chromium, like change the view from monthly to daily etc.

I want to trigger those shortcuts from a node which is controlled by Google-assistent, that´s why i´m want to start that command with a exec Node.

thanks in advance


As always, Internet search is your friend.

hi, this solution won´t work in a exec node, nothing happend to the chromium web site.
i tried it in the terminal and it typed me what i wrote in the command. hmm...
any other idea ?

Cannot be done directly, you will need something like selenium to simulate input from a “script” (there are many types of software like this, search for selenium alternative)

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it works with xautomation ... just type the command.

Perfect , thx a lot for pushing me in the correct direction.

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Nice, i learned something too :wink:

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I'm not familiar with the xautomation, can you explain a bit more in detail how you got it to work? Thanks

xautomation(7) - Linux man page (

Ok I'm gonna need a little bit more info on this one.. So I need to install a node that can execute a xautomation command? and what is the xautomation command to send an F11?

maybe like 4th or 5th post here

Seems all a bit overkill for what I need. I wanted an icon on the desktop and open it in kiosk mode. I finally ended up using the next command and it works:

´´chromium-browser --kiosk http://localhost:1880/ui/´´