Is faking keyboard input possible?

I have a RasPi with a largish screen (touch) and want to know if there is a way I can simulate keyboard input to do things.

Ok, the Pi is running Stretch (Yeah, SO OLD now) and an old version of Firefox.
I want to make it FULL SCREEN in some instances.
I believe it is F11 to do this now/normally.

Any suggestions how I could do this?

not sure this is what you want. but try this

Is the keyboard simulation ONLY for the F11?
If yes, then search this forum for Full screen or place your pi in kiosk mode

Well, yes that would be possible too.

But it isn't ONLY for this scenario.

I've written a flow to do some network diagnostics and when running FULL SCREEN would be better than not.
Not that it is a deal breaker.

I am about to try the other code.

So having the RasPi in Kiosk mode would be bad when I am using it for its other uses.
With the other code I load FireFox, look at the local NR flow, press a button to make it full screen and do the diagnostic stuff then move on.

Anyway, enough talking from me. Gotta actually do things now.

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