Loosing Connection to server when using text input in Dash

I have a simple dashboard to play around with ways to turn dash inputs into arguments for a python script on a RPi 3b.

I'm experiencing a strange bug where connection to the Pi is lost when data is submitted on the dash.

Whenever this happens, the input from the form appears to be completely dropped - it doesnt appear in the connected debug node.

Is there a solution to this?

About my setup

  • Node red Raspberry Pi 3b running node red 2.0.6 (I performed an upgrade on the Pi last night - could that be a contributing factor?)
  • Accessing the Pi over wifi using the latest version of chrome. Ditto for the dash.

Any help would be much appreciated

Thank you!

The output may not be shown because the connection is lost, possibly because the python command is causing problems. Change the debug node to also output to the Console. Then run node-red-log so you can see the log and then initiate the error and see what the log shows.

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