Manage node-red UI and logic from another app

Hello all,

I want to build an Node.js based app and create a UI which has drag&drop ability just like node-red but with simplicity usage. I want to take design of flow from custom app and manage to node-red flow & nodes according to that.

App flow is like this :

Custom UI -> Nod-Red -> Node-Red Dashboard

Instead of creating flow & logic first I want to create look of dashboard first & want to connect nodes according to that and make an easy use for non-tech people.

I am searching for every possible topic & page but couldn't succeed I tried API Reference : Node-RED with HTTP & Module based APIs but there is no examples for thats too and I am too confused to select to way follow.

I am very new to node-red and just try to determine the way follow for this kind of project.

Thanks !

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