Mastervolt data retrieval with rs485

Hi, I'm a newbie and starting to learn how to use node-red. I'm hoping to eventually understand this enough so I can design a flow that will enable me to pull data from my mastervolt xs3200 inverter. It use a rs485 interface to communicate with the outside world. Any suggestions on where i would be able to start. Best method to learn node-red??
Kind regards Don...

Hi - firstly most computers don't have an RS485 interface so you will need some sort of adapter. After that the chances are it will then show up like a serial port so you can most likely use the serial port nodes to send and receive data to it.


Thanks for the reply. I currently have it connected to a laptop with a RS485 adapter and some software that is installed on the laptop. I can view everything but i have to go to the laptop to this and i would like it somehow connect to mqtt which in turn would control other electrical devices when there is enough solar power available. Im guessing that i could install node-red on the laptop to connect to mqtt...or am i barking up the wrong tree??

Cheers Don....

sounds like you're barking up the right tree.

Woof, thanks. Is there any examples of how to read a PC serial port with node red. I can program the output with php but need help getting the data direct from the serial port?? Regards Don...

depends how it works. If it just sends data just use a serial in node set to the correct speed/settings. If you need to send it commands then maybe the serial-request node would be a better place to start. Just have a play and see what happens.