Max31856 node from npm trouble

Hello. I have a problem with this node. max31856 - npm
I am currently using node red version 2.2 but the node is not visible in node red ui .
Any help?

There doesn't seem to be a node of that name ?
How did you install this ?


That is NOT a node red node, so nothing would show in node red.

Available NR nodes can be found here

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Are you sure its not node-red-contrib-pi-max31865 ?
(the 6 & 5 the wrong way around!)

OK So I think its this you were wanting really ?


cd ~/.node-red
npm install git+

If so, it would all be a song.

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Thanks for the cooperation,
I talked to the local provider of Adafuit and agreed to replace max31856 with max31865 breakout.
Thanks to everyone who dealt with my problem.