Mdashboard Tables

Hi, I'm trying to make a table in mdashboard using template, I've tried it in dashboard and it works but when i replicate it in mdashboard it doesn't work, does anyone have a sample or suggestion that i can try in mdashboard to make a table? Thanks for response!


mdashboard works a bit differently than dashboard.
First, you can have only one dashboard installed - so, backup and remove the standard one.

Then, need to manualy add a msg.socketid to the payload for every used that's connected, unless you use mdashboard button..

Please try to searh the forum for details regarding mdashboard.


Thank you for response, I did your suggestion already since it was also advised on a topic in the forum.
I just had a hard time doing the table in mdashboard. I figured it out and I kinda forget that it needs an event from mdashboard components and an inject node won't work.

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