Make dashboard / mdashboard template message on connect/disconnect optional

Hi y'all,
I am using Mdashboard and make heavy use of the template node. That node sends a message, if a client connects / disconnects. I am not sure, if it is introduced by the mdashboard fork or if that message already comes from the original dashboard.
This message is really enoying, if you don't need it, so I would really like to see it being optional.
My question here is: Would I create an issue for this feature request (optional out message on connect/disconnect) in dashboard or mdashboard?

Thanks for reading

You should not have both installed at the same time. If you have a issue with node-red-contrib-mdashboard, you should open an issue on the node's GitHub page.

It should be noted that it hasn't been updated in over two years.

If you are mostly using the template node, do you get much benefit from using mdashboard anyway?

If not, you could consider moving to uibuilder where you can use any or no framework according to need and preference. uibuilder outputs connect/disconnect and other control messages on a separate port so it can be ignored if you don't need them.

I really like the way you try to convince people to use uibuilder :smiley:
But as was said before, I rather tweak the template to the max, instead of implementing another dashboard from scratch.

I think to use the template node having a button inside, that sends a message onClick is not so uncommon. And as soon as you do that, you always need a switch to filter out those UI events.

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Haha, not really trying to convince, but rather to get you to think what is best for you :slight_smile:

Just wanting to check whether you were really using the other features. If you are, find, if not then, as Paul has said, it hasn't been updated in two years which is a long time in this game.

Exactly why the uibuilder fe library has a simple event handler that you can attach to a button that sends data back to node-red with no coding and why my shared web components library has a button-send stand alone component that, used with uibuilder, will send a message on-click with only the tag in the html, no code needed at all. And no need to filter out the control msgs because they are on a separate output channel.

Anyway, I'll shut up about uibuilder now :wink:

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