Minimal ESP8266-NodeMCU-8-Button-WebSocket-Controller

Lately I've been working on a design for an 8 button wireless controller for Node-RED based on the ESP8266 Node-MCU, that fits on a half size breadboard using as few parts as necessary. You can check it out here: GitHub - HaroldPetersInskipp/ESP8266-NodeMCU-8-Button-WebSocket-Controller: 8-Button WebSocket Controller for an ESP8266 NodeMCU to connect with a Node-RED server

The controller.ino file contains the code for the ESP8266 NodeMCU

There is an accompanying Fritzing diagram and flow.json file for Node-RED to receive the messages from the controller.


I also created a demo flow to test the controllers


if there possible to use ESP8266 board USRT to communication with rs485 device and transparent transmission message through WIFI?

I work with PLC program and always use RS485 communication with other device on site .
Thanks for with U disscuss.