Missing (actually hidden) context pop-up in config node editor

I notice that the context pop up for config nodes in the bottom right of the editor footer does not appear on my node (and others) unless I manually expand the edit box. Does anyone have a suggestion on how I can expand the default width of my config node edit box so it appears without the user needing to expand it?

This seems like an editor bug (need to research), but it would be good to have a quick work around until it is addressed.

Not 100% clear. Can you add a gif out screenshots that show us what is happening. Additionally the code from sound that area of you node?

Sure. I found a work around, but here's more info on the general issue.

I made a quick GIF animation showing the TLS config editor used by the HTTP Request node doesn't show the context pop up unless it is resized. This is the same for other config nodes. For me, this led to some users reporting to me that the pop-up was missing in my node.

The MQTT broker config node editor shows the pop up when creating a new config node since it has added tabs.

Kapture 2023-12-25 at 12.29.02

After looking at the HTML for the MQTT node and comparing it with others, I found that default min-width for the editor is too narrow. To work around this, I'm going to set the min-width of one of my rows (e.g. name field) wider as MQTT did. This forces the edit window to be the right size for my node at least.

I think the default min-width should be changed to something wider to ensure it appears on all config nodes.

Ah, well spotted Mike.

I'm not 100% sure increasing the min-width is the best solution (thinking mobile portrait is tight as it is) but yeah, that is a UI :beetle:.

It would be super helpful if you could raise an issue here: Issues · node-red/node-red · GitHub Please include the info and GIF in the issue with a link back to this post.

Will do. Merry Christmas!

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The same problem can be seen on the influxdb config node.

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I have just realised that it is not coincidence that this has appeared here after I reported the issue against the influxdb node, thinking that it was specific to that node.

It would probably be better to set min-width to a var?

It might be better, if possible, if the 'nodes use this config' string were truncated if not enough room, rather than losing the context field completely.

I have submitted an issue Hidden scope dropdown in config node editor · Issue #4497 · node-red/node-red · GitHub


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