Missing Fonts and Layout option after migration

I just had to migrate my RPI SD to an SSD. All the flows are working fine after the migration.

However, i cant see (both were working before - no change to the code)

Any idea on what to do? I already run the Node-Red update script

Thanks for your help

System: RPI 3 - boot from SSD
Node-Red: Version 1.0.6

How exactly did you do this?

  • I did a Node-red backup as described here
  • I used a new SD card and installed RPI from start configured to use the SSD as bootdevice (here)
  • I created the ~/.node-red folder
  • than I restored the files as described here
  • I installed Node-red with the curl command as described here
  • After a restart of the PI it all worked ... except the icons and layout

Which version of dashboard did you install ? There was a small glitch in 2.22.0 where one of the fonts went missing fixed in 2.22.1

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Awesome.. it was due to the dashboard 2.22.0 issue .. I just upgraded and had to do a full rebuild and everything was working again

@dceejay :+1: :+1: :+1: Thanks a lot


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