Missing node error

I running node-red on raspberry pi3 after upgrade I have fallowing missing node msg.

29 Mar 23:09:45 - [info] Waiting for missing >types to be registered:
29 Mar 23:09:45 - [info] - postgres db

I tryed to reinstal missing nodes but they where removed from node library website.
How the flow using these nodes where very simple, I removed it and re-started node-red; but still have missing node error message.
I just would like to remove missing node error any help will be apprecited.

In node red click on the hamburger menu and select Configuration nodes, then click Unused. If there are any (there may be a postgres config node) then double click each one to open it and click delete in the top left. When all deleted click Deploy.

Dear Colin
Thanks you for your support, I followed your instructions and missing node errors disappear

Kind regards

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