Monitor lawn robot

I would like to monitor my lawn robot.
Unfortunately, I have not yet properly understood how I can access the data from the cloud.
There is a possibility in IoBroker. However, I don't use it because I have solved everything with node red so far and I don't want to install completely new things for the robot.
I found this information on GitHub, github ioBroker.worx but I can't translate it into node red because I don't know enough about it.
Can someone give me some help.
I use Kress, the difference between the landxcape and worx models is supposed to be mainly the api.
Has anyone already made contact with their lawnmower.
To control the system is not my focus, I just need his information and messages.


The readme for that code shows a diagram that appears to suggest that the mowers can communicate using MQTT. If that is the case then it may be relatively easy.

Hello Colins, hello all
Unfortunately, as a beginner I am not so good that I can implement this.
I agree with you that it should be possible according to the descriptions.
That's why I placed this link to github.
I didn't plan to bring the iobroker into the scope, because I wanted to concentrate on NodeRed. :disappointed:

So now I'm also getting to know this tool. Maybe one of the two will be enough later.

If you can persuade the mower to use MQTT to your local MQTT broker then you may not need a tool at all.

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