Monitoring the status of a mini-tower of Raspberry Pi(es)

I've just built a mini-tower for some of my old RPi-3s and 2s and thought I would try out SVG to overlay some LEDs (as circles) on top of a photo to show LED status, and some text to indicate the CPU temperature and IP address.

With Bart's @BartButenaers and Steve's @Steve-Mcl help I've managed to get a Node-RED flow and dashboard up-and-running. Thanks guys.

A word of warning... Bart/Steve's SVG node is highly ADDICTIVE and so much fun.

I've just discovered the 'Event' facility. As a test I've arranged it so if you click an LED it takes you to a tab (via the ui-control) that will (eventually) give detailed status information about a specific RPi. On that page is a button that navigates you back to the Monitor page. It was ever-so-easy to implement and it works like a dream.

I can see people creating quite complex navigation paths with this !!!

Shame is I'm off out today, so can't "play" until this evening (hiss, boo).

I promise to write a tutorial guide and post it here, so watch this space.

An animated view of my initial test-layout to prove if the concept would work.


Nice work David!

And of course from one of my brothers in arms @Steve-Mcl


Hi Dave.

Instead of specifying individual entries for #led_1 ~ 4 you could use a class selector like .led .temperature (assuming you added those classes to the LEDs)

The msg will contain info permitting you to determine which LED was clicked.

Saves on the configuration - especially valuable when you have lots and lots of them.

The classes also become useful if you want to update the status of them all in one go (e.g. if there was a comms issue, you might want to set all .led to light grey)


A short update...
I've got four slaves (in my mini tower) reporting their CPU temperatures to the Master every minute.
Just modified the flow (in the master) so the title-line toggles between IP address and hostname.

If an LED is clicked, the dashboard changes to show a detailed dashboard for the specific RPi.
With help from @zenofmud I'm using the Link facility in the dashboard to achieve this.
I'm still working on creating a 'nice' dashboard to show key parameters for the Pi.
Returning to the main flow refreshes the SVG node so you don't have to wait up-to a minute for the update.

I'll publish a tutorial once I've completed the dashboard for the slaves.


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