Move node position

How can I move nodes position. For example, I want to move group2 under group1 or left group1. Is it possible to change their placement?

You can drag & drop the items in the layout tab.

You can drag groups and you can drag elements. How they are arranged may be depending on the width of the group.

Perhaps you should consider to put them in 1 group if they belong together.

You mean this layout?
Yeah, I know. For same group, I can change these nodes placement. But if i want to change groups' position like the figure below.

If I want to move the peak hours to the top of input group, how can I do?
Cause I wanna collapse the input group when I dont edit, so I put them in different group.

Drag group so I can put group1 to group2 left or right. cannot move to below.
So, it is impossible?

The groups will try to layout sideways first to fill the screen. - on a small device (like a phone ) they will then re-arrange vertically.
If you make the groups really wide that may force them to then stack vertically - but there may be better ways with some CSS - for example this may help

cool! It's very helpful. Thanks!