Mqtt broker does not receive data and no generate debug message


I was create flow for mqqt broker. Mqqt broker runing on win7 32bit machine. Mosquitto service is ok still runing and connected. But i can't recive an debug message or somone. What is my fault?

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how you you configured the MQTT node?
what topic are you subscribing to?
what topic are you publishing data to?

i was configure that's it.

Have you checked that you can receive the messages using a different client?

or tried replacing the specific topic with a MQTT wildcard?

I've checked. I share result.

I tried replace topic with unique name but still same :frowning:

Try in NR: /# (wildcard) for the topic, then you subscribed to everything, handy for debugging.

no response :frowning:

/# and # are different in MQTT

i recive debug message "Invalid topic specified" then put /# in topic line.


I think problem around virtualization or network. It's tired me :frowning:


I tried , but still not working :frowning:

so if you think it’s a network issue you need to try a different MQTT client on the SAME machine as Node-RED and try to subscribe to a topic.

If you can’t then it’s not a Node-RED issue

I was try this way for solution

Send message with MQTT.fx from broker machine to NR. I saw recive message debug.

Ran broker application on the simulation mode. Watched the log windowd. Was get "no suitable 32-bit JRE was configured or found"

Install java broker machine

Problem solved.

Thanks all! for support.