MQTT was working well then not - NR says connected but no data

Noob problems.

Had Mosquitto and NR running well for a couple days then suddenly this morning, it just stopped. I was suddenly getting erratic data on another subscribed client. Ran a debug on NR and the data was sporadic and sometimes went into an endless run form a client publishing. However the client (Click PLC) was publishing just fine.

Rebooted everything and had minor troubles. Found Mosquitto services turned off so turned it on. Now NR is saying it's connected in the command prompt and the MQTT In node shows connected but still no data in the debug.

Install MQTTExplorer on your PC and connect to the broker. That should give you information on where the problem lies.

Also you can look at the mosquitto log
sudo cat /var/log/mosquitto/mosquitto.log
sudo tail -f /var/log/mosquitto/mosquitto.log

So it's somewhat working. Before I could receive data every second. Now if I deploy, it might spit out the data once but not every time.

MQTT Explorer says the Click PLC is offline but it's not?

Mosquitto is on Windows Server 2012.

No doubt Google will help you find the log.

How do you know it is not?

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