Mssql bulk linked server

Hi all,

We're trying to bulk save with the MS-SQL node to a linked server, any idea?
Normal inserts work flawlessly, and saving onto a local server with the same configuration works as well.
Thanks in advance.

Have you tried the built in bulk insert demo?

ctrl-i -> examples

Or source: node-red-contrib-mssql-plus/examples/Bulk demo.json at master · bestlong/node-red-contrib-mssql-plus · GitHub


to be more specific, have you got bulk insert working with non linked tables? That would be my first approach.

I have never tested bulk insert against linked servers.


  • set the mssql node option Return driver output
  • Add a debug node to mssql node output (set to show FULL msg)
  • Expand all properties and show us what you see

Thanks for the reply.

I got the bulk insert working with non linked tables, I made a copy of the same table on my own computer and it works 100%, just what I wanted, but not working for linked server.


Does the user setup in node-red MSSQL config have permission to access the linked server and appropriate permission for the table?

Failing that, you might need to use the TVP method (demo here)

Using TVP (table valued parameters) you can perform operations from within a stored procedure on the local server to your remote sql server.

Finally we're saving bulk to local server with a trigger to remote server. Thanks!!