Multiple WorldMap Nodes in Dashboard


I've read an old response (I think) on multiple worldmap nodes at Node-RED Worldmap Connecting Multiple Worldmaps

I also noticed in the documentation at that the map is served, by default, from {httpRoot}/worldmap

Pardon my ignorance, where is {httpRoot} defined?

Also, how can I go about defining multiple instances of worldmap each with their own window and markers. As is customary for me, I did fiddle a bit with the name but didn't accomplish my goals. A single name change is fine (e.g. changing the value to quakes or weather worked fine). But multiple concurrent changes do not work and only the first definition (on the home page of the Dashboard) survives my self-inflicted mess.

I would like to have multiple worldmap nodes but each having separate worldmap views. What would be the preferred solution for this purpose? Thanks.

Kind regards.

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