Need help about google action



I try to make a link beetween Google assistant and Node-red.
So, I have installed the google action contrib, and I have followed the tuto.
I have created the project, used the CLI for gactions, redirected the port 8081 of my DSL box to my node-red machine.
after modifying the action.json example, I have entered the given CLI commands, and after all of that, I got a reply saying :slight_smile:

Pushing the app for the Assistant for testing...
Your app for the Assistant for project test-393ca is now ready for testing on Actions on Google enabled devices or the Actions Web Simulator at

so, I log on the simulator, and then I try to send the request. But I can see to input on my machine.
I use wireshark to see if there is some input data on the port 8081, but there is nothing. so, it seems that the google action even doesn't try to access to my IP adress (of course, I have modified the action.json file so that my ip adress is present in the file, and my ip adress is accessible from the web).
My port redirection works fine, because when I try to access to the port 8081 of my ip adress form outside, I can see the requests in wireshark.
So, can anybody help me?
Is there something in the log file of the google simulator than can help you?
Sending request with post data: {"user":{"userId":"xxxxxxxgUbpMHv0pBc1v9k7OJPkkjVCU2mrQ_8NV8EdSML57QA7qa1hbkwhW0FtyZKJP2VJP1nTFCA","locale":"en-US","lastSeen":"2019-04-13T12:29:30Z"},"conversation":{"conversationId":"xxxxxxx79h_M_Qy2v1zthvEjh_WMZcl682YtT4HpZcjTbsrL-kgcHaHzp2_9S-SC4YNl7PVVDBA9nA","type":"NEW"},"inputs":[{"intent":"actions.intent.MAIN","rawInputs":[{"inputType":"KEYBOARD","query":"Talk to talk to Node Red"}]}],"surface":{"capabilities":[{"name":"actions.capability.SCREEN_OUTPUT"},{"name":"actions.capability.WEB_BROWSER"},{"name":"actions.capability.ACCOUNT_LINKING"},{"name":"actions.capability.AUDIO_OUTPUT"},{"name":"actions.capability.MEDIA_RESPONSE_AUDIO"}]},"isInSandbox":true,"availableSurfaces":[{"capabilities":[{"name":"actions.capability.WEB_BROWSER"},{"name":"actions.capability.AUDIO_OUTPUT"},{"name":"actions.capability.SCREEN_OUTPUT"}]}],"requestType":"SIMULATOR"}.



After a re-built completely the action on google action, and restart from the beginning, I can now see that something is arriving on my port 8081.
So, that's a good thing, I think.

But the simulator console stills answers that the app doesn't answer.
I think it is certainly a problem with autentication, etc...
So, my first question is : How can I get a certificat? I suppose that I have to use a software like x509, and put the files in the correct directory? But isn"t there a simplest way to create a such certificat directly on the linux machine?
And then, what must be added/modified in the node-red nodes? For the moment, I have just inserted the example given in the description of the google-action contrib.



so now everything is working fine.
With correct certificates in the correct path, with correct user right, the request from google arrives correctly on nodeRed, and the question/answer is working fine.