Need help to implement Netatmo outdoor Cam

I would like to add my Netatmo outdoor cam to my nodered envirement.

I alreday istalled the node "node-red-contrib-netatmo" and i get an resuld whitin the "get Home Data". So far so good.

But i'm really intereted to show up the picture when an event is reated or to start and watch the livestream. I'm not able to do that. I'm not able to set up the "get camera picture" due to i have no Idea what i shoul put in the Picture id,... And i think that node is more for the indor cam right?

So i wold be very very happy, if someone can help me on that. I think it should be possible due to the API Netatmo is offering,... so I appreciate any help.

@ floetenbaer maybe you are still here an you can help me on that? I would be so thanksfull for that!

The cam i'm talking about

Good job to all of you helping the node red beeing so mega flexible!!

Kind Regards,

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