Need help with contrib-zwave.js

I have installed node-red-contrib-zwave.js, and I can't manage to properly configure zwave controller node.

I use node-red from Home assistant. I thought I could send a message to my zwave-js server running at the url : ws://core-zwave-js:3000
the device id is : /dev/serial/by-id/usb-0658_0200-if00.

I would like to see, when configuration is done , each node of my zwave network n order to be able to send message to a roller shutter to start calibration.

Any help welcome.


P-S : so, what serial port configure ?
what network id configure ?

Am I on the wrong way for this project ?

Hi @Bercolly

If your ZWave Network is managed by HA - this is not the node for you.

This Node exclusively takes control of your network, and therefore requires exclusive access to your Zwave Dongle/USB Stick/Hat - for HA users, its not a Node used much, its a node for users that does not use HA for zwave

if its is not managed by HA - you need to make sure that the device is seen by Node RED - but that is a question for the HA community

Serial port is the Zwave Serial port/device (it must have exclusive access - like anything serial )
Network ID - this node supports 4 networks, and this just allows you to allocate each of the 4 its ID

Thanks for your reply.
I will look at HA.