Need help with design for my home flow

Hi All
i am using NR + Openhab for a long time , i use NR+mosquito as my MQTT Broker
and OH only saves my values(maybe little stupid but working :slight_smile: )

i am using this simple flow to pass values between MQTT and OH

and i have more complex flows for PIR+Timers+Automation and what not :slight_smile:
but i have the feeling that i maybe doing it in a very complex way, since i am not a dev
i am just flowing along with it is working for me,

so i wanted to ask maybe someone can suggest how i can make this flows more flexible
when i its starts to get a litle more complex i think i can do better
see below a more complex flow,

i need somthing that can handle

  • Timers
  • Motion sensors
  • time zones
  • ability to override/turn off , the above functions

don't get me wrong, i am not asking to someone to fix my flow
i have all the above working but if anyone can give me a better way i will be really glad!