Need some help configuring mqtt connection

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to configure a API connection to my home automation,
The manufacturer provided me with a CA-chain.cert.perm file, allong with a username and password.

But no matter how i configure the mqtt nodes, i'm not having much luck.
It shows connected... but a debug node gets a reply that "No certificate/key file provided" .

Pretty much at a loss here, and not getting anywhere. this mqtt stuff might be over my head, but i want to learn. it would simplify my procces greatly.

Anyone that want to guide me whiles setting it up?
Greatfull for any helpfull tips


Are you sure it's MQTT and not http?

Yes, it used to be Http and relativly simple.
Now its mqtt, i have a Manuel from the manufacturer but its like staring at hyroglifics. I understand some of it, but not enough to make it work aparrently.

Can you share a link to the manual?

If the link works whitout login...

Without reading the full manual...

Can you explain a little more your setup?

For example, where is the MQTT broker? Local install? On your Lan? In a dedicated piece of hardware on your Lan? On the cloud?

Where are you running node-red & can this node-red server ping the brokers server?

To get you familiar with MQTT (which I can tell you, if you think http APIs are simple, you will love MQTT) you might want to do some tests/playtime to get aquatinted. There are numerous online MQTT brokers you can connect to to get familiar. Also, if you don't already have it, download & install MQTT explorer. It will help you.

Sure thing:

  • MQTT Broker is the NHC controler on my network Via internal IP.
  • Node-red is running on e Victron Cerbo from my home battery, i have SSH acces too.
  • The MQTT node shows "connected" and green in the flow so i believe some of the configuration is correct... just not getting usefull data out of it, aside from the message that there is no certificat, witch there is...

Do you have another computer or raspberry pi where you could run latest node-red - see if that can get MQTT working? Once you know the broker and hardware is responding you can start ruling things out.

From another angle, you could install a different broker on your Lan & check the node-red instance can connect and work.

The nodered i´m running on the cerbo is v1.3.2, if that helps,
is says it is a maintenance release.

Yes i could run it on my laptop for sh and gigles but dont see how that would be the source the problem,
because it dous show "connected" and HTTP nodes seem to work fine.

Or am i missing something, as i mentioned, mqtt is new for me.

It rules things out like corrupted install, unknown bug in earlier version of node-red (or a dependency). Also, there are many other under the hood changes from 1.x to 2.x

Ruling things out is just one approach. If you have no other approach then you should start somewhere.

Ps, v1.3.2 is not latest 1.x release.

Also, you don't state what version of nodejs you run?

It just dawned on me that my network is not set up as normal,

  • ISP Modem/Router
  • NHC controler connected to ISP Router
  • DECO mesh master connected to ISP Router
  • Cerbo in Deco network

So i could imagine an issue there, data can go from the Cerbo to the controler (outbound trafic on the Deco firewall) but not back... not sure though, the port to nodered is forwarded...

i will have to check the versions at home, i dont have putty acces externaly

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