Need some help getting my Insteon devices as entities in Home Assistant / Node Red Rpi

I'm in the process of replacing HomeSeer Rpi/Insteon with Home Assistant / Node Red /Rpi /Shelly.

I've got HA to recognise the Insteon 2423U PLM as an entity but not sure where to begin to get my Insteon Devices into entities for HA/Node Red. I've read it's possible and searched for quite some time but nothing explaining this. No problem getting Shelly devices recognised.

Any help getting started would be appreciated.


Probably best asked on the HA forum as not too many HA users here

Ok i was wondering about that but since I’m just getting started i was hoping there’s someone out there whose already gone down this road.

I’ll post there but also hope someone steps in. I’ve never been a coder so I struggle with scripting and CLI so I’m hoping to avoid it.


If you were using node-red natively, rather than the HA plugin then we would be more likely to be able to help.

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Thanks Colin. I'm only just learning HA and Node Red were separate platforms. With the explosive uptake to HA and the number of HA node red instructional videos being introduced, I think you'll see a lot of HA posts. I didn't know about Node Red until I started moving over to HA.

I posted on the HA forum and also an Insteon forum on Redit. Thanks gents!

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I think you'll see a lot of HA posts

Note that node-red can do everything that HA can do plus more.

HA is more like a convoluted state machine. Many people on this forum do their home automation/dashboards directly in node-red. There are nodes available for most devices, not much different from HA. While it can handle various other tasks at the same time too. Some things are easier on one platform vs the other.


Thanks for this. Node red was a great way for me to finally get started on HA. I’ve had about 40 years of creating and living with automation scenarios and have had to learn how to reconstruct them in a new language 3 or 4 times now. I even did it commercially as a side gig for a while. I looked at HA a few times in the last few years but don’t enjoy a coding/scripting so it was more than I wanted to take on. I had a love/hate relationship with HomeSeer/Insteon for the last 18 or 19 years. Now that HA has evolved enough for me to get some traction (thanks to node red) I reread and rewatch the videos I’m picking up understanding them better and picking up points that went over my head initially. So each day less goes over my head. Now that I’ve got HA/Node Red and Shelly taking over most of my automations I’m about to try some HA blue prints and what ever else HA has to offer. I hope to get my Davis Weather station and DSC alarm panel integrated in next then I can finally shut down HomeSeer for good. I really appreciate how helpfull folks like you are in these communities and am looking forward to the next 10-20 years on this new generation of open source home automation. I’ll be 66 this fall and i gave my wife permission to shoot me if she ever catches me doing a crossword puzzle ;).

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