Network interface not exposed on Node red Integration on HA OS

I am using HA OS on Proxmox VM. Trying to configure Bitpool Bacnet Gateway Node integration, but my eth interface is not exposed. There is a drop-down list to select and it should be something like this


but it is like this

I tried on two separate but similar installations @home and @work but is the same. I also added a second eth interface to assign specifically for the purpose. Same

Any ideas?

It appears the problem is the way docker network interface is configured. Since Node -Red is running on docker, the virtual network interface in Bridge Mode is not exposed. I created a new LXC container and installed Node Red there, and the node works as expected.

As a conclusion, I have 2 choices: Either runs Node-Red on a separate machine, or find a way to change the network configuration of node red's docker to Host or MacVlan Mode, and I am not sure how and if this would cause issues to HA integration.

Recommendations are welcome

Welcome to the forums @aphilgr1

I'm afraid we don't have many HA users here - most on the forums use Node RED bare-metal.
this seems to be a HA specific config issue (I assume), so not sure the answer is readily available.

Not to say no-one will know of course. :sweat_smile:

As for recommendations - it will be a biased remark, given I don't use HA in anyway :grin:


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