[New Feature] Option to specify target UDP port in node-red-node-wol

I added the option to specify the target UDP port for wake on lan magic packets in node-red-node-wol. Some implementations use port 9, others port 7 and some quirky devices yet other ports.
The new parameter defaults to 9, so old flows should not break upon upgrade.
The underlying wake_on_lan nodejs module already supports the port option, so no changes are needed there.

You can find the code at https://github.com/SillaRizzoli/node-red-nodes/tree/master/io/wol

It's my first attempt at modifying a node-red node and I have very limited experience with javascript, so probably the code sucks, but I welcome any feedback!

Please consider the change for inclusion in node-red/node-red-nodes.


yes - happy to look at a Pull Request with those changes.

Ok, thanks!