New "hub" campaign launched

Just a heads-up for anyone interested in home automation hubs:

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So what does this have to do with Node-RED??

There are a lot of NR users currently connecting to other hubs. Many of us have been looking for better devices so I think it's very appropriate for that segment of this community.

Ok, but looking on their site, I saw no mention of Node-RED or methods of communications.

Plus that is an indigo go page looking for supporters / donations.

Then you missed


Note that NR comes installed on the Core.

It also happens to be where all the info is for now. If you want a "non-commercial" link you can go here, but you won't find much for details ATM:

Disclaimer: I have no connection to OLL other than being a supporter.

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Ahh, I didn’t scroll down that far since it was after the start of testimonials

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