New node-red can't see old project

I, for various reasons decided to move node-red to docker.
I mounted the existing .node-red as /data
I had the old system running as a project.
When I open node-red, I just get a splas screen asking if I want to create a project.
In the menu bar, under projects, is only the "new" option available, opening an existing is not enabled.

If I create a new node, it creates a /data(flows.json
My old project is in /data/projects/my-project-name
Projects are enabled in settings.js (unchanged since 21-jan-2023)
I haven't pushed the project in long time, so pulling it would lose lot of work.
How do I get node-red to see and use the existing project?

probably you need to check file .config.projects.json in data, also as I remember you can create empty project and it will "see" old one after this.