NextionHMI / Raspberry Pi


I have a Nexion HMI that i would like to control my PCA9685 Hat, I have Node-Red communicating with the servos and it works nicely, But now i need to control the Flow with a Nexion HMI via a usb UART connection. i cant seem to find anything on the internet to help me.

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Nexion HMI does not yield anything useful on Google, do you possibly mean Nextion?

I do see a number of hits on how to connect a Nextion HMI to a Pi.

Hey Colin

You are correct I just updated the info.

Yes I see but none via a UART TTL cable, I'm more trying to figure out the way to interface with the hmi via node

I don't believe there is a direct way. I think that your display is designed to be controlled at a lower level so you have to send the correct commands to it and build the display from a low-level.

You use Nextion's interface creator programme and upload that direct to the display. From that you get data out of its serial connection that you can then interface to Node-RED.

Pete Scargill @scargill wrote a load of blog posts on these displays