HMI interfacing options supported by Node-Red

Hi All,
i'm looking for some simple interfacing options between device and a user.
At the moment my workaround is to use LCD/TFT displays with X and headless chrome on RPI that displays dashboard to the user but i'm looking for something without the need of running a full X environment.
I tried i2c oled`s but they are rather small and bigger ones with more colours tend to go with SPI interface that i cannot find any nodes for in node-red.
Something with good resolution and about 2-3 inches i can fully drive from node-red would be ideal.
I tried running SPI TFT displays base don ILI chip with framebuffer - they work but fully operating them from node-red level i problematic to say at least.
Any recommendations ?

Can you explain a little more about the devices you want to use? Are you running Node-RED on a Pi? Where do you want the display? On the Pi or somewhere else?

Also, how complex a UI are you planning? Text only or something more comprehensive?

Pete Scargill's blog is also a good source of information on interfacing Node-RED with bits of electronics and displays

I also came across this as I was looking for something else:

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