Node-red Nextion display read serial


I have connected my Raspberry Pi 4 with a Nextion display, which is modified to have a text box and a button.

I have successfully sent a message for the textbox to display(UNICODE is the only problem with that, since Nextion displays can only display English characters), but for the love of God, I cannot get a serial input from the Nextion screen(when the button is pressed), although it states that it is connected normally.

Has anyone else had this problem? I event tried it with an RPi 3, same thing. I can send but I cannot receive anything.

Thank you for your time.

Choose an option "after silence of", all must work fine.

My settings for Nextion


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Unfortunately it does not work.
Any other ideas?

Hello . I have the same problem I can not communicate with nextion can someone help me with an ex model to display the temperature

Would you share the Flows who works normally?
I have Problems with a Nextion too and wand to try out some things.
Greetz Dexxter