Node-red Nextion display read serial


I have connected my Raspberry Pi 4 with a Nextion display, which is modified to have a text box and a button.

I have successfully sent a message for the textbox to display(UNICODE is the only problem with that, since Nextion displays can only display English characters), but for the love of God, I cannot get a serial input from the Nextion screen(when the button is pressed), although it states that it is connected normally.

Has anyone else had this problem? I event tried it with an RPi 3, same thing. I can send but I cannot receive anything.

Thank you for your time.

Choose an option "after silence of", all must work fine.

My settings for Nextion


Unfortunately it does not work.
Any other ideas?

Hello . I have the same problem I can not communicate with nextion can someone help me with an ex model to display the temperature