Sending simple text to Nextion Display

Hi All
Im deeply frustrated with this.
I'm trying to send text to a nextion display using serial.
Inject node fires a function with this code

msg.payload = 't0.txt="' + msg.payload + '"';
return msg;

But alas this does not appear. I have tried everything and it should just work. Here's my outgoing msg.payload from debugNode

I have a textbox in the HMI called t0

Thanks in advance

Isn't it that al commands that are send to the display have to be terminated with 3x 0xff?

msg.payload = "t0.txt=" + msg.payload + "\xFF\xFF\xFF" ;
return msg;

Sorry, don't have Nextion display anymore to test.

I thought the same but could not get it to work.
Thanks for trying :frowning:

Also don't forget that the serial out node may add a closing line-feed character as well, you might need to play with the settings.

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