No Export Dialog

Hello, I'm having an unexpected problem with EXPORT for one Node-Red installation.

I currently have Node-Red installed on 3 Windows 10 PC's. Two installations were made months ago, the third was just created.

For the first two installations, anytime I download a flow I get a dialog-box so I can direct the flow to a specific folder and name it. On selecting download for the most recent installation there is no dialog-box; the flow is simply downloaded to the generic download-folder with the name flow.json.

I would appreciate any suggestions as to how to get the dialog-box for the most recent installation.


Hi @xytsrm

can you check what version of Node-RED you are using in each of those installations? The version number is reported at the bottom of the main menu in the editor.

Hi knolleary,

The two installations that have a dialog-box are version 2.1.3
The installation without the dialog-box is 3.0.2


UPDATE: I fixed the download dialog-box issue. It wasn't a problem with Node-Red. It was disabled in the "Download" setting of the default Chrome browser.

Thanks for your reply.

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