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Dear Node-Red users,

I am new for node-red but I have a strong interest to learn about it. Here is my challenge as a beginner. I was installing serial port pallets to communicate with the Arduino board. Mistakenly I either disabled or deleted it after used it for same times. When I now try to build flow and deploy it says flow stopped due to missing node type and try the missing node as
I tried to install using npm (cmd) or manage palleting but I couldn't do the installation. So I would kindly request you the possible error causes in detail and its possible solutions. Thanks in advance.

What computer and Operating System are you running on?

The others are all dashboard nodes that it is complaining about.

If you use manage pallete and it fails it should say why or point you to an error file. What does it say?

Also, could you edit (the little pencil) the Title to say what the problem is. It makes it easier to see post that might be of interest / know the solution to. 95% of the threads are asking for help :slight_smile:

I am using window 8. I can publish the error now.

Did you mean you can't publish it?

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