Flows stopped due to missing node types : serial-port

Hey guys. I have a problem. I can't use the node-red. It shows " Flows stopped due to missing node types: serial-port " How to fix it?
Thank you!
pic below


Looks like you need to install the serial port node:

it show this

what can i do? @ghayne

Do you need serial port?

If no, delete the entry from your flow, deploy, restart

If yes, then you MUST be in the .node-red folder BEFORE running npm install


Look at the node-red startup output for where your .node-red folder is...


thank you! @Steve-Mcl
but I want to know. How difference about .node-red and newenvironment because when I run node-red I usually used command "node-red -u newenvironment".

Just start node-red the way you normally start node-red - it will tell you the REAL user directory.

An if you are actually doing node-red -u newenvironment then it is probably c:\users\YOURNAME\newenvironment - but i am guessing. Like i said, start node-red (the project with this problem) and grab the REAL user directory - then you can do the npm install in the right place!

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