Missing node types - SerialPort

Hello everyone

i have a problem with my node red. everytime i want to deploy my flows it give me a warning of a missing node type ( missing serial port ).
Does anybody knows how to fix this ? zNode red

Use CTRL+F search for serial. Delete unknown node. Deploy.

Hye, thanks for the fast reply.
How can i delete it when i click it the window just closes
this is what i see

That is the terminal window.

What do you see in the editor when you do as Steve has suggested?

Somewhere in your flows you have a serial node, but you don't have that node type installed. The node will be labelled "unknown" in the editor.

You have two choices. Either delete that node because you don't want to use the serial port, or use the palette manager in the editor to install the missing serial node.

when i do your steps and search for the serial port i can click it but can't delete it, the window just closes

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