No Website with Firefox Plugin

I have installed the Firerfox plugin Noscript ( After activating this plugin the node-red websites of the Raspberry are not depict anymore (http://raspberrypi.local:1880 and http://raspberrypi.local:1880/ui). It seems the sites are available, but the Firefox window remains white. I tested Chrome and there it is ok. It is strange, that I have the still the behavior after deactivating the plugin. I tested the same on my laptop and it is the same behavior. First it worked properly, but after activating the plugin the Firefox window remains white also after deactivating the plugin. Anybody has an idea?

What did you expect would happen?

Node-RED is mostly JavaScript.

If you open the developer tools in Firefox you will likely get some extra clues.

As for it still happening after you deactivate again, try doing ctrl-F5 which forces the cache to be cleared for the site and ensures that all resources are loaded.

Thank you very much, ctrl-F5 was the solution.

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