Node conflict in pallet manager

Could you please assist in the following problem. I have tried to remove this "node-red-node-geofence" with npm uninstall. I still see it in the pallet manager and in the left node column. How do I completely remove it?

Depends how you installed it. If from the palette then once you have done the remove you probably have to stop and restart Node-RED. That should then clean itself up.

You should also log it as an issue against the contrib node (as it is a fork of the other) .

Hi dceejay,
I installed all nodes with the pallet manager. But through some unknown reason I had a conflict. I had to then uninstall from the command line, now I still have the left overs to deal with. So basically I need to cleanup.

worst case go into your node-red user directory (often ~/.node-red) then node_modules and hand delete both the node-red-node-geofence and node-red-contrib-geofence and geolib directories. then stop and restart Node-RED.

Now I have a big problem.
30 May 11:15:49 - [info] Waiting for missing types to be registered:
30 May 11:15:49 - [info] - geofence-manager
30 May 11:15:49 - [info] - geofence
node-red wont start?
Any suggestions

Node-RED has started. But the flows cannot run because you are missing the geofence node

Open the editor, and reinstall the geofence node - not the contrib one.

Although your original question was about removing the module. So rather than reinstall, go through your flows and delete the geofence nodes - they will be marked as 'unknown'. You'll also have to open the configuration node sidebar and remove the geofence config node from there.

Hi, I have node-red running again with geofence uninstalled. In the node-red pallet manager is is still marked as installed? The idea was to uninstall and then reinstall because the geofence node was broken.