Node install failures - which log


I wonder if anyone can advise... my main Nore-Red installation, RPI3... I've just been using the pallette manager and upgraded all the nodes that need it. Two (which I don't use, thankfully) failed to upgrade, siting missing module in each case, see the log. Which log? Failed to upgrade node-red-node-feedparser (and node-red-node-twitter) - module not locally installed - check the log for details.

I'm not sure what to no next as I've no idea why this is happening - I used the upgrade script ages ago so everything could be updated in the pallette manager, also I have no idea which log they are on about.




I assume you are talking about a pi or other Debian system as you say you used the upgrade script. In which case the command node-red-log shows recent additions to the log, but what you want may be off the front, in which case it should be in /var/log/syslog. Alternatively run node-red-log to start watching the log then try the update again and you should see the messages as it happens.



Just tried the latter, log shows node red startup and sits there.. trying the updates again produces no change in the output..



Oh, I must be wrong then.



Twitter and feedparse are both still core nodes so don't get moved over. The upgrade script will only update them to the level that the core package.json specifies.

If you want to remove them they would be somewhere under /usr/lib/node_modules/node-red/node_modules/... - but would get replaced as soon as you run the script again.

If you use the palette manager then the log is the default Node-RED log Colin mentions. If you use the upgrade script it writes it's own log - as it says when you run it.