Node pm2 Autoboot Node palette missing unable to reinstall


My friend have just install pm2 to make node-red automaticaly start when it boot up
but then he've found that node palette is missing and unable to reinstall how can I fix it.

Your friend imported a flow that contains nodes that are not installed, in this case, node-red-dashboard and
a serialport node (don't know which one)

To fix it, either remove the nodes from the flows and deploy, or install them, via the hamburger menu > palette, install tab, search > install or manually;

cd ~/.node-red
npm install <node name>

Starting Node-RED on boot : Node-RED
sudo npm uninstall -g pm2
I'm able to use the flow again but have to find another way to autoboot

You solved it by uninstalling node-red? How can node red run at all if you have uninstalled it?

sorry I write it wrong
sudo npm uninstall -g pm2

The docs have a section on running node-red on startup in windows.

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