Node-RED 4.0 warnings have taken over my debug window

I am running Node Red V3.10 as an add-on in Home Assistant. Recently I have begun to receive this warning:
"Deprecated API warning: Calls to RED.util.evaluateJSONataExpression must include a callback. This will not be optional in Node-RED 4.0. Please identify the node ..."

Every api-call-service (Home Assistant) triggers this warning, flooding my debug window, making it useless. I have no control over the Home Assistant implementation of Node-Red and the person who has control is aware of the issue. But, do I really need to see this warning thousands of times? Is there no way to mute the warnings?

No there is not. Node-RED v4 is going to come along a lot quicker than the 3.1 release so it is important HA resolve this in their nodes sooner rather than later.

Aren't warnings captured by a status node ?

No they are not.

Actually, I said that before thinking. I thought for a second you said "a catch node"

I don't know if status node captures warning (I don't think they do - pretty sure they don't or didn't used to)

Aren't warnings captured by a status node ?

No they are not. I have catch nodes on all my flow tabs that forward to error logs.
The API warnings still appear.

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