Node Red Addon - 17.0.4 (3.1.3) - Issues with Data Field

Hi All,

I've just upgraded node red to HA Add-On version to 17.0.4 - and although it appears to be functioning ok - if I try and edit any call service nodes - I am getting an error with an empty data field, and also it doesn't like the variables I've used for domain/service etc.

Has anyone else seen this? Everything was working fine before the update.


Is the field supposed to be left empty?

Yep, its been empty in all my nodes until this latest update - just edited the original post to say data field, rather than expression - as its an expression you put inside the data field :slight_smile:

Which node is this exactly?

Its the Call Service node

ok thanks.

Just checked its source to see if they had specified required: true or some other validator that requires the input to have a value. Seems they have set allowBlank: true on the typedInput validator

            validate: RED.validators.typedInput({
                type: 'dateType',
                allowBlank: true,

There was work in 3.1.x stream around improving surfacing validation errors so this might be a bug.

I kinda recall some more work done in this area after the initial works in 3.1.0 release so it may be already fixed (assuming for 1 sec this is a bug) and would therefore be fixed in the next release - but Nick would need to confirm this.

@knolleary ^ (apologies for the direct tag)

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Thanks @Steve-Mcl - I'll keep an eye on this topic if you or knolleary can update when you know that'll be great.

The dateType type doesn't exist


validate: RED.validators.typedInput({
  typeField: "dataType",
  allowBlank: true,

the correct way

hmmm, that could well be related! Well spotted :eagle: :eye:

Someone aught to raise an issue on the home assistant repo (and they should check all of their nodes)

Is this likely to be a breaking change, ie, more than just an annoyance with the node showing a red triangle? - can I assume the nodes will no longer function?

would be useful if someone could verify this by altering the src on their HA system (I dont use HA)

I am fairly certain this wont affect you (as your fields are blank). Easy enough to test though!

Ok, interestingly, I've just restarted Node-Red and now the issue has gone, not sure if its a post-update bug - but I've just tested it on an existing call-service node and a new flow, and its no longer erroring.

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