Node Red Automation - Contract work 1099

We are looking for a regular contractor with a proven track record. Other programing jobs will be needed in the future.

  1. We have a very basic setup and need some configuration work, then followed by some automation work.
  2. Issue one, 10v DAC need to be adjusted to 4.5v which correspond exhaust louver movement of 45 degrees. Issue two, These 12 actuators that are attached to louvers, which need to be respond to 4 temp sensors.
  3. Two the the temp sensors have vibration sensors. The vibration sensors need to send email and alerts to slack. 2 or 3 levels of vibration should indicate or trigger a different message.

Please provide a link to your business.

Well your website says very little, if anything, about your company!!

It's a crypto mine, we are private, we have nothing to sell regular people. Use upwork to escrow the fee's or use another escrow company? You will remote in and will be paired with a technician while you work. Our credit is excellent.

I'm a non-regular person and keen to get started.
Can you tell me where I can upload my CV so I can upwork with you?
I'm very keen to remote-in with the technician that will be paired with me.
And by-the-way, my credit is excellent too.

Thanks for your swift response.
I'll do that shortly.

let me know when you have it, I have enough spam without an exposed email on a public forum.