Node-red bacnet - read property multiple

Would anyone care to share a BACnet read property multiple sequence with me? I can read a single BACnet object no problem, but I want to read the present value of BinaryValue 1 - 33 in a single payload. Or in another I want the payload to contain the present values of Binary inputs 107&108, 201-208, 301-316, ect. I have read the documentation which suggests this can be done, however I'm unable to implement it. A example sequences would be extremely appreciated as I have already put quite a bit of time into this as I hate asking for help.

node-red-contrib-bacnet 0.2.4

Thank you!

Hi, would you be able to share the setting that you did? I hook up a BACnet IP device to Raspberry Pi 3B and using node red. I am new to node red and bacnet settings.


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