Reading problem when using the contrib-bacnet


I wish to use the "node-red-contrib-bacnet". In order to test it, I use a BacnNet simulator (The simulator is Room Controller Simulator and the BacNet explorer is Yabe).

For example, I would like to read the temperature value (21°C) shown below:

I set up my node like this:

If I only send a timestamp, it returns the value "17". This is the value that is contained in the PRESENT_VALUE of an object that I'm not selected. I don't know why I receive back this value.

If on the other hand I send the information about the object I want to read to the bacnet node(see image below), I get the error below :

However, the data I'm sending corresponds to what is described in the Node documentation.

How do I get to read the PRESENT_VALUE of the objectID: OBJECT_ANALOG_INPUT:0 with Node-RED? Have any of you experienced this problem before?

Thank you for your help.

Hi, can you share your detailed setting please? I have a BACnet IP device connected to Raspberry Pi and using node red. However, i cannot make it work.

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